Q&A's with Jackie Hunter, B.Comm, CEC

Principal, Elevate Leadership Development
Certified Executive Coach, Royal Roads University

What or who inspired you to be in the Coaching world?
In my first job as a professional, I was introduced to my coach who has worked with me throughout my career. My coaching experiences were powerful, often shifting my perspectives so that I could elevate my leadership at work and in the community. I was able to take on challenges because I had the support of a coach who took the time to help me understand who I am, how I show up and who I want to be.

This experience demonstrates that coaching for all levels of employees in an organization can have profound impact on both the employee and the organization. Ultimately, I wanted to have the same impact on others that my coach had on me.

What kind of coaching service(s) do you offer?
Executive and Leadership Coaching

How is your coaching informed by other experiences/affiliations in your life?
There was a moment when I knew that the path I was on was no longer for me. It was a grief process as I had to leave behind what I knew and was comfortable with to step into something that was going to stretch me, challenge me, and use my strengths in ways that I never imagined. I took a leap of faith and became a full-time coach and an entrepreneur! I could not have done it without the many coaches in my life who dared me to be brave and follow my passion.

What is your favourite thing about coaching or biggest coaching recommend?
As a leadership coach and entrepreneur, I have always believed that leadership is like climbing a mountain, your goal is to get to the top but there is no set course, how you get there is the journey. There are times when you are scaling a ledge by yourself wondering “why am I doing this?”, and times when you get lost, have to backtrack, feel defeated and frustrated, and, other times when you travel with others and it feels easy and exciting. Like mountain climbing, the exhilaration, anxiety, uncertainty, and thrill are what draw me to seek out new challenges. I love coaching because it allows me to walk alongside the leader while they are on their mountain climbing journey helping them to be more connected to those they lead, be decisive and yet thoughtful, and navigate and embrace challenges with resilience and stamina.

What is your favourite non-coaching past-time/hobby, etc?
I am a competitive cross-country mountain biker and cyclo-cross racer, I’m not the fastest but I’m definitely having the most fun. I coach women’s cycling and have found a lot of similarities to cycling and leadership coaching. We fall a lot when we are learning but we figure out what to do next time and try again, we need to be disciplined to hone new skills, practice makes perfect or at least, better than before, and know your strengths and how to use them to compete using your own uniqueness.  

Anything else you’d like us to know about you?
I am the Chair for the ICF Saskatchewan Prism Awards this year and we are celebrating organizations that have outstanding coaching programs.  We are connecting organizations and the coaching community together on May 17, 2017 to hear stories of how coaching has impacted organizations in Saskatchewan and to announce the winners of the Prism Award. I encourage you to invite your team, colleagues, business associates, current clients, potential clients, your boss, your HR crew, and the coaching champion in your organization to hear of all the ways that coaching is advancing organizations! Get your tickets.

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