You learn best from others in a collaborative and supportive environment where various methods are used.

Group coaching allows you to focus on your own growth while learning from other leaders.  You will create a learning challenge project that will let you play with the concepts that you are working on in group coaching and will create new results that make a difference in your life and at work.

Join group coaching starting in spring 2020:

  • Coaching in a group setting of 6-8 others over a six month period of monthly sessions

    • Declare your learning project to work on over the six months

    • Learn about how you show up as a leader

    • Understand and address patterns of behaviour that are limiting your results

    • Overcome barriers that are stopping your success

    • Determine ways to explore new ways of creating results

  • WorkStyle Pattern inventory to assess how you think about and like to carry out work

  • A one-on-one coaching session to provide specific support on what matters most to you.

Are you interested?

schedule will be based on the group’s availability, please reach out for more information.