The art of coaching is threaded into all facets of my life. 

I have a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing from the University of Saskatchewan, am a Certified Executive Coach through Royal Roads University, and am currently working on a Masters in Leadership through Royal Roads University.  I am certified in WorkStyle Patterns, an assessment tool that helps to understand how you think about and carry out work.

Hard work and discipline were lessons learned growing up and working in our family business. I also learned that it takes resilience and dedication to go after what you want in life.

I have strong values around learning and growing and believe that with a little guidance, people can reach their full potential.

As a coach I am always learning and evolving to meet the needs of my clients.

I’m a cycling coach who works to instil confidence and competence in athletes. As a cyclist, I have come to appreciate the dedication and preparation it takes to compete. In sports, it is important to find the sweet spot where drive, discipline, and focus create the momentum needed to achieve your goals. I bring these elements together to take performance to a new level.

I have worked in a senior position for a large organization and I understand the challenges a leader faces when they make decisions, what it takes to move the organization forward and the perseverance required. As a coach I reinforce what is working and help to explore alternative ways of thinking, being and doing in order to create new ways of achieving.

I uncover passions and strengths of individuals so that they can contribute in meaningful ways at work.

I have always had an interest in creative expressions whether it is painting, sculpture, pottery, photography, printmaking, quilting, or cooking. I am constantly looking for outlets, or ways to express myself.  This is important in my coaching because I encourage creative expressions as a release, as a place to play, and as a way of seeing new ways of thinking and being.